Book Spotlight: Four Days with Jack by Kelli Wilkins

Four Days with Jack
by Kelli Wilkins
M/M Contemporary Novella
Aavailable from Amber Allure Publishing



When David invited his best friend along on vacation, he never expected them to fall in love…

Spending four days in a tropical paradise with Jack is a dream come true. For years, David lived a lie and denied his attraction to Jack. Now that they’re together in an isolated Caribbean resort, he finally sheds his denial and admits what he really wants—to be Jack’s lover.
 Jack is more than willing to introduce David to the life he has always fantasized about. Their sizzling nighttime encounters confirm David’s long-hidden desires. But what will happen when they leave the resort? Will David sacrifice everything to start a new life with Jack? Or will he go back to his old ways and risk losing the best friend he ever had?


“I had a dirty dream about us on the plane,” David confessed. “That’s what made me hard. And when we were sitting on the beach this afternoon, I started thinking about you again.”

“Really? Tell me about the dream while I kiss you.”Jack kissed David’s chest, then swirled his tongue around his left nipple. David’s heart raced. Was he excited or nervous or a combination of both?

“We were naked in my apartment and my hands were tied behind my back.”

“Bondage? Oh that’s interesting. Go on.”

“I was kneeling in front of you and you were hard.”

“I bet I was.” He slid his hand down David’s stomach until he reached his cock. It was semi-hard. He squeezed it lightly. “This okay?”

“Yeah,” David whispered, his voice breathy.

“Keep talking and I’ll keep going.”

“You told me to kiss it and lick it, and I did.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, you asked me that in the dream. But then you walked away and wouldn’t let me…”


“Suck you.” David blurted out. “I wanted to, in the dream. But you laughed and said I couldn’t have it,” he said, his voice trembling. “I still owe you a blow job.”

“That can wait. Tonight I want to give you one.”

David’s eyes widened. “You do? Why?”

“For being brave this afternoon; for taking the risk and opening up. You deserve it.” He kissed his stomach. “Now let me give you your reward.”

“What should I do?”“Relax. Lie there and enjoy…and try not to yell. We don’t want the hotel people to get the wrong idea.”

*          *          *

Relax? How could he relax when he was naked in bed with Jack? Although he wanted this, part of him was unsure. He’d never let a man touch him like this before. Jack didn’t know it, but his sexual experiences with women were limited. He’d had an okay sex life, but he’d never hungered after girls, trying to get laid, like most of the men he knew. Usually the women were more interested in sex than he was. It never mattered to him if he got laid or not. He had no great desire to hop into bed with any of his girlfriends. Now he knew why. Jack kissed his chest and he lay still, his heart thundering a mile a minute. Jack was going to blow him!

For all their fooling around as kids, they had never sucked each others’ dicks. They’d only done hand jobs. And that was almost like you jerked yourself off. Until today, they’d never kissed. But this would be different. It would change everything. He opened his eyes in time to see Jack reposition himself on the edge of the bed. “You don’t have to keep your eyes closed. In fact, you might want to watch.” He winked. “Now, open up, lover,” Jack said, patting his leg.

He parted his thighs, his nervousness returning. Jack bent his knees, opening him up to him.

“That’s what I want…everything.”He watched as Jack’s head vanished between his legs.

“Oh God,” he cried out as Jack licked his balls.“Easy, easy. Men know what to do.” Jack massaged his sac. “We don’t forget about these babies like women do. It’ll be the best you ever had.”

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