Book Spotlight: Bitter Bonds by Lex Valentine

Bitter Bonds
by Lex Valentine
M/M Contemporary/BDSM
Sequel to Broken Bonds
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Dominant Jake Conrad isn’t going to get involved in another relationship with a submissive. Burned by two former submissives, Jake vows never to collar one again. Then his best friend Ray brings him a sub like no other. Finn is damaged and bitter, although not as bitter as Jake. The white haired submissive has secrets and talents Jake never dreamed of and the lure of Finn’s need to submit calls to Jake’s soul.

Everyone Finn has ever loved walked away from him. He fears caring for anyone when he knows the outcome will shatter his heart again. When Finn falls for Jake, he gives his lover the ultimate gift, a chance to have the dreams he set aside years before even though he knows that if Jake accepts the gift, he’ll walk out of Finn’s life forever. A slave to his love for his Dominant, the submissive finds his true strength in easing Jake’s bitterness even at the cost of his own happiness.


“You did good, Finn. I’m proud of you.”

The pleased expression on the Dominant’s face made Finn’s heart race. Jake’s amber eyes glowed with a light that captured Finn’s entire attention. His cock began to throb and swell beneath the denim placket of his jeans. God, he wanted Jake. Had from the moment he’d set eyes on him.

He’d been at Wired for Sound almost three weeks now. He kept the studio spotless and stayed out of the way of the rock stars who had invaded the space to record their albums. He’d learned that all of the musicians respected Jake and his opinion carried a lot of weight with them. They tried to entice him to sing or play on their songs but he always refused. They seemed genuinely disappointed when he turned them down. Finn thought that Jake must really be good if rock stars were begging him to collaborate with them.

“You know, it’s not always easy to hold your own around these guys. They have their diva moments,” Jake said as he stepped closer to Finn. “And some of them aren’t nearly as good as the public thinks they are. Some of them are nothing more than good looks and a decent voice bolstered and held together with good PR, great songwriters and producers and a really solid back up band.”

Finn stared at Jake in disbelief. He hadn’t noticed that the two bands currently working at Wired for Sound lacked talent. His expression must have given away his thoughts because Jake chuckled.

“I don’t mean these guys. They’re all pretty genuine. But there are others who don’t have their talent and yet make more money than both these bands put together,” Jake admitted. “The thing is, it’s okay to give them a little help here and there, but don’t ever step into the trap of agreeing to work with them. That’s not a smart move.”

“Why not?” Finn asked, tilting his head to look up at the Dominant.

Jake snorted and rubbed a hand over the back of the couch. “For you, the main one would be that they’d end up treating you like your parents did. Oh, they wouldn’t trot you out like a performing pig but they’d use you just the same.”

“Is that why you won’t ever sing with them or write songs with them when they ask?”

A glimmer of appreciation appeared in Jake’s amber eyes. “I know better than to let them exploit me. They respect me, but they’d use me in a heartbeat if they could. Better that they learn right now that you aren’t going give them any more than you just gave Adam.”

Finn’s mouth curled into a smile. “He was pissed that you wouldn’t let me help him.”

Another snort escaped Jake. “He’ll get over it. His diva-tude never lasts long. He just isn’t used to people telling him no.”

Sliding a foot forward, Finn inched closer to Jake. He glanced up at the older man through the fringe of hair that hung over his forehead.

“He seemed to take it for granted that I belong to you,” Finn said softly.

Jake’s hand came out to cup Finn’s chin. Their gazes met. Jake sighed. Finn quivered.

“Yeah, I did sort of give them all the sense that you belong to me. I wanted to make sure they left you alone,” Jake admitted.

Heart leaping, Finn decided he’d waited long enough to ask the question that had been on the tip of his tongue from the moment he’d first set eyes on Jake. “Do you want me to belong to you?”

Heat flared in Jake’s eyes, but he heaved a sigh and a rueful smile tilted his mouth up in one corner. “Yes. We both know that I do. But that doesn’t mean it’s right and it doesn’t mean I will.”

“Why not? I want you too. You must know that.” Finn knew he sounded like he was begging but he couldn’t help himself. He’d never wanted anyone the way he wanted Jake.

A door slammed and three members of the other band working at Wired for Sound burst out of the middle studio. Jake moved away from Finn, the delicate balance of the moment they’d just shared broken by the band’s raucous laughter. Finn decided that he wouldn’t let the subject die though. Later, when he and Jake were alone, he would bring it up again.

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