Friday Freebies

Flash Mob (A Broadway Romance)
by Gregory A. Kompes
M/M Contemporary/Thriller
203 pages
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Book Description

Flash Mob follows famed Broadway director and choreographer Jericho Taylor as he mounts a revival of 42nd Street and produces a series Flash Mobs. Taylor discovers and falls in love with fresh-from-the-Midwest triple threat, Billy Lake and places the young man at the center of his Flash Mobs, which become a viral sensation. The seemingly spontaneous Flash Mob dance events are designed to counter the public's fear caused by a string of terrorist bombings in the New York City area. Aamil, a young terrorist, sees Taylor's Flash Mobs as an opportunity to escape from forced servitude and into the American way of life, but his bosses have other plans.


The Risk
by Anthony London
M/M Contemporary
83 Pages
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Book Description:

The Risk, a dramatic short story about the life of Madison Stanley a high school graduate with a promising future finds himself tempted to explore his sexuality and spends time finding quick dates over the internet. He quickly learns what a one night stand is and finds himself full of lust and pain. Madison loses himself over empty promises from men and gets into the club scene in New York. He runs into a high school friend name Dorian who tries to save him from this downward spiral. Madison becomes so intoxicated with depression he ends up losing several promising opportunities. Dorian ends up being Madison’s new roommate and attempts to help him overcome his addiction to drinking. One thing leads to another with emotions riding high and Madison takes his final one night stand and opens...


Something Real
by Julia Alaric
M/M Sci-fi
13,000 Words
Free at allromance

Book Description:

Evan loves his work on International Space Colony 2, but he misses the colors of his life on Earth. Drawing the flowers he remembers from his mother's greenhouse provides a pale substitute for authentic living color, but it's the best he can find. 

Sean spends his days lost in his software while listening to the same songs on the same radio stations day after day. He would give almost anything to hear the mistakes of a live performance, but a space colony is hardly an ideal place to find an amateur musician.

A chance meeting shows Evan a glimpse of real color and Sean a taste of real music, but neither expects to see the other again. Then Evan's greatest accomplishment fails, endangering the entire colony, and Sean becomes his last chance at fixing it.   


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