Book Spotlight: The Story of Mr. X by Anonymous

The Story of Mr. X
by Anonymous
Gay Erotica/Memoirs
Based on a True Story
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When a fourteen year old boy from a family of dirt poor drifters wins a place at Andover Prep, an elite private school for boys, he thinks he’s finally found a detour out of a dead-end life. He soon realizes, though, that Andover’s enigmatic, domineering headmaster will determine his success at the school far more than his ability or intelligence—and this particular headmaster’s after-school tutorials are very demanding indeed.

Based upon one man’s true life experiences, The Story of Mr. X recounts the unnamed narrator’s four years at Andover Prep as well the childhood incidents that lit the first fuses in a young life now set ablaze with desperation and desire. The inevitable explosion that results will challenge everything he thinks he knows about himself and his sexuality, and set in motion a chain of events that will change everyone’s lives forever.



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