Book Spotlight: A Perfect Passion by Piper Kay

A Perfect Passion
by Piper Kay
M/M Erotic Romance


For Damien, passion brings ecstasy, betrayal and danger that almost cost him his life. At the lowest point in his life, he discovers that true passion and loyalty have been staring him in the face all along. There is one problem he must surmount first, Dax is straight and carries a lot of baggage. What neither of them realize is that sometimes passion can also bring healing. That is if one is brave enough to take the first step. In a perfect passion, one must be willing to take the risk.


After the uneasy way things ended between Dax and I last night, I’m not sure what to think. I know I was probably out of line, but it just kind of happened. It wasn’t like I planned to grope all over him like a stray cat in heat. What was I even thinking? Dax and I haven’t talked about it, we pretended like nothing happen, but it made everything very awkward. The silent dinner was horrible.

I’m not sure how to act, or what to say. It’s not like I can walk up him, and say ‘Geez, Dax. Thanks for letting me cop a feel on your junk last night, you’re a real pal.’  God, I need coffee bad. Someone shoot me!

Downstairs, I let my dog out and continue my mission to find caffeine. Talk about a hangover from hell, my head is throbbing. As I round the corner to the kitchen, I run smack-dab into Dax.

“Oh, crap…sorry man.” I step to the side.

“My fault.” Dax sidesteps too, his expression full of shock.

After last night, he probably thinks I’m about to hit my knees for an encore performance.

We both move, but in same direction. Oh god! Face to face, we block one another’s path again. We're having a stand-off in the doorway, this isn't going to work. Eventually we have to talk about it.

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