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With Proper Maintence
by C.V. Madison
M/M Steampunk Fantasy
Jupiter Gardens Press

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Named the youngest head engineer in the history of his company, Ethan Cole’s first voyage on the Platinum Bow is his chance to stand out from hisfather’s shadow. His dream is dashed by the roguish Cecil Goode, promoted to Ethan’s position just before the ship sets sail.

When the Bow is hijacked by pirates, Ethan and Cecil have to work together to bring the pirates’ nearly wrecked ship to safety. Will they make it to port before the ship plummets from the sky? And what will become of the combustible passion between them? Will it outlast the pirate attack?


Kuro (Trick Or Treat)
by Ana Raine
Cover art: Reneé George
M/M Paranormal/Fantasy/Shifters
Series: Trick or Treat (#3)
Length: Hot Flash

When Preston saves a black cat everything he knows about life and demons is going to be questioned.
While shopping for candy for his friend's Halloween party, Preston saves a strange black cat from a group of teenage boys. Overcome with a desire entirely new to him, Preston takes the black cat home and discovers things are not always what they seem, especially on Halloween.
The cat, a demon named Caleb, has been searching for his mate for months and can't help but be fascinated with sweet Preston. He's determined to drag Preston down to his home in the underwater demon world. Now Preston must choose between his mortal life, or one full of demons -- and love.


by Whitley Gray
M/M Contemporary

Physician Remy Marshall has two loves: Emergency Medicine and running. Work doesn’t leave much time to meet guys, and most seem more interested in his bank account than him. With a week off to train for a marathon, Remy plans to make the most of his precious vacation. The last thing he needs is a distraction.

Jamie Sutton is new to the area. He hopes to make a fresh start after leaving an abusive relationship with an orthopedic surgeon. He’s got a new job as a massage therapist and wants to meet some nice guys. Against his better judgment, Jamie decides the best way to meet a cute rollerblader he’s seen in the park is on wheels. 

With attention on his watch and not where he’s going, Remy crashes into Jamie and fractures the first-time rollerblader’s ankle. Jamie has no one to help him after the injury; Remy proposes Jamie stay with him. Jamie is reluctant, but it’s a better option than staying with the odd guy in the neighboring motel room. As the two get acquainted, Jamie’s past comes calling. Remy discovers the prize he really wants isn’t a medal in a marathon, but the man right in front of him.


Faded Star
by Shawn Bailey
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Interracial / Multicultural 
Heat Level: 3 
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)

Drunk and distraught over a news report about his sexuality, Hollywood movie star Heath Evans accidently drives his truck into a freeway embankment. He welcomes death, figuring it is better than being ostracized by his fans.

Physical therapist Seiji Kichida doesn’t let the crude and often-rude actor faze him with his insults and stereotypical comments. He just goes on about his job tending the wounded actor whom he’s idolized since he arrived in the United States.

Can Seiji help the man who has serious hang-ups about his sexuality, or will Heath’s rage scare him away? Or will Heath eventually succumb to Seiji’s sensual glances and tender administrations?

NOTE: This story was previously published with the ISBN: 978-1-92050-235-5. This reissued version of the story has been revised and reedited.



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