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Faery Truth
by Vicktor Alexander
Silver Publishing
M/M Romance/Paranormal/Contemporary
Heat Index: 5 Flames
Release date: Aug 3 2013

Princess Eeirana is asked by her brother Eeian to help him find a way to stay in the human realm with his mate Thomas and she rushes to help him even though she's a bit resentful of his good fortune. Colliding with her brother as she comes through the veil, Eeirana is surprised to find that her body has changed and she is now a man, something she always felt she should be. Living her life as Eeiran, he meets his own mate, Philip Sands, at a McDonald's and the two begin to date.

But when Philip reacts badly to finding out Eeiran's secrets, that he's a faery and used to be a woman, will Eeiran lose his chance at a happily ever after? And when evil plots are revealed and have a connection to Eeiran's family, will Philip stay and fight for his mate and their future family or will he run away?


Livin' on the Edge
by DeeDee Brock
Silver Publishing
M/M Romance/Contemporary/Rock Stars
Heat Index: 3 Flames
Out Now

Brothers Wes and Scottie formed their band 'Edge' seven years ago. Wes has always known that he prefers men, but he's never indulged with a fan until Micah. Will he deny his once in a lifetime chance at true happiness?

Brothers, Wes and Scottie Townsend, formed their band 'Edge' seven years ago. At the top of the alternative scene, they're enjoying the perks of their success. Well, Wes had been, up until he spots a gorgeous fan he can't seem to take his eyes off of. Wes has always known that he prefers men, but everyone including his brother is none the wiser. And he's never indulged with a fan. Ever. Until him. After one passionate night with Micah Jameson, Wes' closet status is in jeopardy. Will he open his heart and risk all that's he's built, or will he bury himself in lies and deny a once in a lifetime chance at true happiness?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This story contains both MM and MF sexual situations.


Man in the Mirror
by D.J. Manly and A.J. Llewellyn
M/M Romance/BDSM/Contemporary/Supsense
Heat Index: 4 Flames
Out now

David was his first, and nothing will stand in his way to get back what belongs to him. Nothing!

Four years ago things had been very different. In trouble with the mob and suicidal, Aaron's twin brother, Troy, needed to get rid of his life. So he'd handed it over to Aaron. And when Aaron's impersonation of his twin brother was revealed, Aaron feared losing the man he loved, his brother Troy's husband, gorgeous personal trainer, David Alvarez. But by some miracle, David had fallen in love with Aaron, realising that Aaron was good and true, the contrast to his twin, and there was forgiveness. When Troy's insane plot to let his twin take the fall of his screwed up life unravelled and it appeared Troy's life was over, Aaron had hope that his life with David could truly begin.

Aaron and David now run a B & B on a beautiful Hawaiian island and life is great until the handsome and charming Randy Carlton buys the house down the beach from them. From the onset, Randy Carlton gives Aaron the feeling that he wants David. And he does.

Randy Carlton has gone to great lengths to get back what he considers to be his. He intends to let nothing stand in his way. He will have David at all costs… even if he has to kill to do it.

Don't miss the exciting sequel to Mirrors by best-selling authors A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly!
CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains moderate to extreme BDSM content.


Between Good and Evil
by L.M. Brown
Book 2 of Heavenly Sins
Silver Publishing
M/M Romance/Urban Fantasy/Menage/Contemporary
Heat Index: 3 Flames
Out now

Tristan's demonic bargain and the repercussions following his decision to enter into it could tear apart forever the ménage he and his angel and demon lovers have formed.

Tristan, Machidiel, and Alastor are bound together by love, but their lives are running far from smoothly thanks to Tristan's demonic bargain with an incubus. Tristan has two choices, remain with the incubus as his trainee or find a mortal to take his place. Neither choice is appealing.

The three lovers struggle to release Tristan from his bargain, only to find bigger problems on the horizon when a human caught up in the mess is taken prisoner by the Demon King himself, with repercussions that could tear their ménage apart forever.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a cliffhanger ending and continues in book 3, Between Life & Death.


by Sam Makenzi
Silver Publishing
M/M Romance/Urban Fantasy/Vampires
Heat Index: 4 Flames
Out Now

Halcyon dances around the attraction he feels for Derek, a nurse for the local clinic. The thing stopping him from telling Derek how he feels? His alternate identity--Kingfisher--a vampire killer-for-hire and everything that entails.

Halcyon--Hal--dances around the attraction he feels for Derek, a nurse at the local clinic. The one thing stopping him from telling Derek how he feels? Kingfisher, Hal's alternate identity as a vampire killer-for-hire and everything that entails, including his inaction the night Derek's parents were killed and he was horribly wounded. Hal fears the truth will tear them apart.

And it does.

His honesty drives a wedge between them, but when Derek calls Hal for help, he can't refuse. He'll do whatever it takes to make sure Derek won't suffer another loss, even if it means Hal's life will be forfeit.


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