Book Spotlight: A Midsummer Night's Delights by Kelli Wilkins

A Midsummer Night's Delights
by Kelli Wilkins
Amber Quill Press
M/M, M/F, F/F menage and more

At this Midsummer Ball, couples pair up everywhere—but not for dancing!

Young newlyweds Julian and Annabelle are miserable. Their arranged marriage is lacking everything—especially sex. Julian suffers from a lack of confidence and is harboring a secret urge. Annabelle’s longings go unnoticed and unfulfilled, no matter what she tries. But all that changes when they are invited to a Midsummer Ball. Their unconventional hosts, Vincent and Sabrina, introduce them to a world where their most intimate desires and hidden passions are explored—and fulfilled. Swapping and naughty games are just a few of the surprises awaiting them… 


Julian glanced at Vincent over his shoulder. To his surprise, Vincent’s tan breeches were jutting out in front, straining to hold in his erection. “How would you…do that?”

“I know many ways of pleasuring a person,” Vincent answered as he bent down and kissed him.

His breath caught in his throat. A second later, Vincent’s strong hand closed around his throbbing cock and gave it a gentle squeeze.

He reveled in the sensations washing over him as he returned Vincent’s kiss…The feel of Vincent’s tongue twisting around his…A rough patch of stubble on Vincent’s chin…The expert way he grasped his member…He should stop. Anyone might come along and see them groping and kissing each other. But it felt so good…

Just when he was starting to give in fully, Vincent pulled away.

“I see you have much enthusiasm hidden inside you…when it involves a man.”

His face burned with shame. Once again, he’d given in to a terrible urge and behaved badly. “I’m sorry.” He bowed his head. Why had he done such a vile thing? “I’m a married man. I shouldn’t do that.”
“Nonsense. Don’t apologize. Liking a man now and then has nothing to do with being married. Heaven knows, it doesn’t stop me,” Vincent said with a grin. “Taking a male lover is like having candy, Julian. If you had candy available to you every minute of the day, you’d become bored with it. But…if it’s only given to you a few times a year, then it becomes a special treat. Sometimes a little piece of candy is just what you need to satisfy an urge. Do you have the urge, Julian?”

He nodded. “Sometimes.”


He gaped wide-eyed as Vincent unfastened his breeches and pulled them past his hips. His enormous purple-pink cock was inches from his mouth.

“Then go ahead, Julian. Have a piece of candy.”

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