Series Spotlight: The Strigoi Chronicles Box Set by Nya Rawlings

The Strigoi Chronicles Box Set
by Nya Rawlings
Only $2.99 at allromance for a liminted time
M/M Paranormal romance
The set contains the following books:

Book One (Penance) introduces Dreu, the hybrid creature of the night, incarcerated under the aegis of the Church, until a band of brigands releases him to an unsuspecting world.

Book Two (Fane) chronicles Dreu's perilous and sensuous journey of the heart, his lust, his love forever in thrall with a youngling werewolf.

Book 3 (Michel) continues with Dreu and his demon father, Michel, locked in an ongoing saga of deceit and betrayal, of love lost and love found.

Book 4 (Dreu) finds Dreu and his demon lover on the road to get answers, find the nuke and save the world in the best what could possibly go wrong tradition.

The Chronicles are M/M, with a heat level of 3-4 (occasional graphic scenes of affection), some violence and adult language and situations. This is a story of an intensely sensual exploration of the depths of the human heart and one man's exploration of his spiritual, emotional and physical boundaries.

The Chronicles are best enjoyed when read in sequence.


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