Book Review: Blackout by Joey Jameson

by Joey Jameson
M/M Contemporary/Erotic Thriller
Chances Press
Review Copy supplied by publisher
4 Stars


He’s the one you dream about.

He’s the one you obsess over.

He’s the one you’d kill for.

Dice Valentine was born to strip. With the body of a god that drips with sex appeal, his dance moves leave his male clients breathless and begging for more. But lost in a dark world of hedonism and indulgence, Dice is beginning to want out. That is until a night of mind-blowing sex with a mysterious lover takes a grim, shocking turn, and he finds himself in a desperate attempt to clear his name…as the hunter becomes the hunted.

“Blackout” is a haunting dark tale of sex and betrayal that raises doubts about what exactly is the truth.


Dice Valentine is a stripper who loves his job, or at least that's what he tries to tell himself, but if he's resorting to drugs every night before he performs just to make it through the show, I think he's lying to himself. As someone who has suffered lots of different side-effects from different medications, taking drugs as a leisure pursuit is not something I would find appealing and I was unsure how I would relate to Dice as a character. One of the first scenes is a drug-taking one.

I needn't have worried too much, most of the book doesn't revolve around drugs, but rather Dice's obsession with a mystery man in the audience who he has been meeting for casual sex in the alleyway of the club after Dice's performance finishes. Dice has been used to lots of hedonisic, casual sex with no emotions or feelings involved but then he starts wishing for something more from this mystery lover. And that's when his life really turns sour, for Dice finds the man brutally murdered in the alleyway.

Dice wakes up in his own bed, with no idea of how he got there and only vague memories of discovering the body. Dice's blood is found on the victim and Dice becomes the main suspect. Even he isn't sure whether or not he committed the crime.

I wasn't sure how well the sex and mystery would go together and I have to say that for my preference, there was a bit too much sex and not enough mystery. Mind you, all this sex is Dice's way of dealing with things, so it was realistic for him as a character.

The pace is good and the story keeps you guessing right to the end, I didn't see the twist, which makes a change for me. There are lots of red-herrings along the way so you get to play detective along with Dice. It's very well written, it flows well and the sex scenes are hot and sensual. Sexual tension between Dice and various characters simmers throughout and you are left breathless.

The book is set in the UK, but there were a lot of Americanisms which jarred me out of the story a bit - a detective carrying a gun as routine - no, they don't do that. Sidewalks instead of pavements, gas pedal instead of accelerator and things like that. Thankfully there were no faucets instead of taps ;)

All in all a good read if you want a steamy erotic tale with a bit of mystery thrown in.

Reviewed by Annette Gisby


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