Book Review: Dazzle Me by Ophelia Gränd

Dazzle Me
by Ofelia Gränd
M/M Contemporary/Short Story
5 Stars
Beaten Track Publishing
Part of "Summer Bigger Than Others - A Summer Anthology" from Beaten Track Publishing. 

Tom has been planning for months, but in those plans he never once found himself on a spa table in Bangkok on his and Santino's one year anniversary. He doesn't do aeroplanes, doesn't like the tropical climate, and he does not do spas.

Yet there he is, without a stitch of clothing, and with a man he's never met before. He'll do his best to enjoy his day and then he'll give Santino the best anniversary imaginable, even if it means he has to be covered in chopped-up veggies on him for an entire day...

...if only it were veggies.


Tom has been planning a big anniversary surprise for his lover Santino for months. He has booked them time away at a romantic hotel suite and he intends to propose on their anniversary.

But the path of true love never does run smooth and Santino has to take a work trip to Thailand when their anniversary would fall.

Tom doesn't like planes, doesn't like flying and he wilts like a flower in tropical heat. But he can't turn down Santino's invitation to accompany him on the business trip, even if it means doing things he'd rather not do.

Things go from bad to worse for our luckless lovers. Tom's bag goes missing, the bag with the engagement ring in it and then their reservation is lost and they have to put up with a single room at the hotel. Santino has booked a full day at a spa for Tom while he's off working, and Tom agrees, if only to keep his lover happy. He soon wishes he stayed at the hotel.

This was a fun, light-hearted read. It's told from Tom's point of view, so we only get to see Santino through Tom's eyes and it is pretty obvious from the start that Tom is madly in love with him and will do anything for him. Even if it means enduring some rather unorthodox spa treatments. I was squriming along with Tom at some of them, especially the fish pedicure. I have a phobia about fish, but it didn't panic me too much as it wasn't my feet in the tank, thank goodness.

A very enjoyable, romantic story.


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