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Title: Broken Oaths
Authors: V.L. Moon and J.T. Cheyanne
Length: Novel
Genre: Gay romance, adventure, M/M romance, contemporary


Betrayed by his peers and slandered as a traitor, Commander Thierry Donovan has nothing left. Locked away and targeted by the very men responsible for his incarceration, Thierry defies the odds and fights for the fundamental right to survive the hell-hole of his imprisonment. With no one to trust, Thierry finds solace in the last place he imagines…

The church is Ryan Flynn’s sanctuary. He craves the solitude and peace he finds in the hallowed halls. His oath to serve God is a calling Ryan has hidden behind all of his adult life; until his past catches up with him in the form of his foster brother, Special Agent Orrin Hunt…

Submerging himself within a world of danger, violence and corruption is the only way Orrin can cope with life. Rejected and tormented by the bitter remorse of unrequited love, Orrin is oblivious to the beauty of what life can offer him. If he’d only open his eyes, and maybe his heart….

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Jaydan Callahan’s life is a wreck. Gangs, drugs and violence are a part of his normal day to day routine. For one so young, he’s seen it, been there, done it and gotten more than enough tee shirts as proof. Capable of smelling a cop from a mile away, it comes as no surprise to Jay when the guy he has the hots for is actually working undercover to bring down the town’s notoriously dangerous king pin.

Four men, four lives, each one of them stained by lies, corruption and doubt. Can love show them the path to redemption, or will broken oaths, fear and grief make the crosses they bear too heavy a mantle to carry.
Love is Love


He couldn’t speak. The lump in his throat threatened to choke him. All he could do was stare. His eyes grew wider as both of his friends leaned in toward him, sandwiching him between them.

“Shh, it’s ok. We gotcha,” Danny whispered as he nuzzled along Jay’s jaw line.

“Relax. Ain't no one gunna hurt you. Not with me here.” Declan’s deep baritone voice sent a shiver through Jay. All three of them had been lifelong friends. Danny and Declan both knew what Jay had given up to look after Sylvie. They’d stuck by him, helped him, and watched each other’s backs numerous times in the past. They were close; however, they had never been as close as they were right then.

But, as he'd thought earlier, things had changed. Marrenzo wanted Declan. The mafia boss’s son would stop at nothing to get him which put Danny at risk and made whatever was happening between the three of them, a one-time thing. It was goodbye. Jay felt it, had known it was inevitable. Bringing up both of his hands, Jay held their faces in his palms and smiled through the tears.

“I fucking love you guys! Stay safe, stay together and let me know you’re both ok. Brothers to the end.” Jay leaned in one at a time and kissed both men. His lips tasted them, their tongues sought his. The kiss was warm, welcoming and greedily consumed. He’d have given anything; everything to have the same with Orrin.

“Brothers to the end,” Declan rumbled and moved in, taking Jay's mouth.

“Always,” Danny whispered as he slipped his hand down over Jay’s chest. His fingers fumbled, slipping beneath Jay’s tee shirt. He lifted it slowly as though he were unwrapping something to be savored and enjoyed. Declan's hand followed, lifting with Danny until the shirt was removed and Jay lay on his side. Danny faced him chest to his chest and Declan curved in around his back.

The warmth of their bodies felt so good. Hard chests from hours of working out in back yards made Jay feel more wanted and connected than he’d ever felt before. Tears stung his eyes. Even being held between the two people he’d grown up with, trusted and loved, Jay's heart refused to let go of its want of Orrin’s touch.

“I can’t,” Jay whispered as he buried his face against Danny’s chest.

“You love him? Your Fed?” Declan asked before brushing his lips lightly over the back of Jay’s neck. Warm breath fanned across his shoulders, teasing the small hairs that reached up for more.

“He’s not a Fed,” Jay replied. “He’s NCIS; a naval investigator. He needed the low down on Marrenzo and rather than go for the inside knowledge chose to see what the opposing side knew about him,” Jay explained. He wanted them to understand that he hadn’t sold them out.

“Hold on. You knew all of this time? You guys knew and never said a word?” Jay asked and rolled onto his back to face both of his friends.

“Fed, Cop, MP, NCIS, it's all the same to me.”

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About the authors

Laz and Lachi Publications is the combined writing team of J.T. Cheyanne and V.L. Moon. The two met in 2010, fell hard and fast for each other and married in April 2014. They write both independently and together in the gay erotica and gay paranormal genres. They also have a couple of contemporary romance novels under their belt.

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