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The Rogue Wolf
by Sue Brown
Sapphire Ranch Wolves Book 3
M/M Romance/Paranormal/Shifters
Release Date 13 Nov 2015
Lovelane Books
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Will Owen submit, or will the lone wolf run?

Shifter Owen Pope is a bitter man, a lone wolf, banished by his pack for defying his Alpha. He survives day by day, working as a laborer, sometimes living for months as a wolf. On the borders of Sapphire Ranch, he catches a scent that calls to his wolf as he hunts.

Then he’s cornered, trapped with nowhere to go, and Owen realizes to his horror that the delicious scent belongs to the human pointing a gun right between Owen’s eyes.

He escapes, only to be confronted by two wolves, and his world is turned when he realizes one of them is a shifter from his former pack. Owen has so many questions but he’s not sure he’s going to like the answers.

Zeke is huge and fierce to his co-workers in the Cavalry, but he has one desire; to protect Owen and create a life together. Will Owen submit, or will the lone wolf run?

The Sapphire Ranch Wolves series
#1 The Last Wolf
#2 The Hidden Wolf
#3 The Rogue Wolf
#4 The Forgotten Wolf (to come 2016)
#5 The New Wolf (to come 2016)



Owen traced the scar on his cheek. “My wolf marked me. Showed the world he disapproved of me. No pack would accept a troublemaker.”

To Owen’s surprise, this time Zeke did trace the jagged line with his fingertip. “Your wolf did this?”

“My alpha did this, Cal’s father. My wolf refused to let it heal as a sign he disapproved of me. Shifters don’t scar and they can’t be killed. He let me be scarred to show he thinks I’m a disappointment.” It was more than that, but he couldn’t explain shifter politics in a couple of sentences to a human.

Zeke’s eyebrows almost knit together. “But—”

“Wait ’til we get to the ranch, Zeke,” Eli said. “Owen needs to be told the full story.”

“What story?” Owen snapped.

Zeke laid a hand on Owen’s thigh. “Wait another ten minutes.”

Owen wanted to argue. He would have argued except that hand on his thigh told him he didn’t need to. Everything would be fine. Owen stared at Zeke’s hand spanning his thigh. If any other man had done this to him, the guy would have been minus five fingers by now. He never let anyone touch him aside from the occasional hookup, and that was a blow job or a quick fuck. Zeke had touched his shoulder and now his leg and Owen had let him. He went to push Zeke’s hand off his but, instead, he laid his hand on Zeke’s. He was so involved in thinking about this he didn’t notice the SUV had stopped and someone had opened the door.

“Great, you found him. Hey, Owen.”

Owen looked up to see a young man grinning at him. “Cal?” The last time he’d seen Cal he was a weedy adolescent with a scared, furtive expression, who spent a lot of his time hiding from his bullying brothers. Now he was tall and handsome, exuding a confidence Owen didn’t expect from an omega. “Christ, I’d never have recognized you.”

“It’s been a long time.”

Owen stared at the kid. Only three years separated them, yet Owen easily looked a decade older than Cal, his life on the road and bitter experiences having aged him.

Eli looked around. “Cal, we need to get back inside.”

Cal nodded and looked at Owen again. “Come on in. Zeke, are you coming?”

“I’ll do a sweep of the area, then I’ll be in.”

“Joe’s feeding the horses.”

“I’ll check on him.” Zeke made sure he caught Owen’s gaze.

Owen held back his protest but he wasn’t happy at Zeke leaving him alone.

“I’ll be with you in ten.”

“Ten minutes? You promise?” Wait! Owen stared at Zeke. “I can hear you!”

And that meant…

Owen stared at Zeke in dismay. “You’re my mate!”


Sue’s bio:

Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn't following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop. Sue discovered M/M romance at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favourite television series. The kissing was hot and tender and Sue wanted to write about this men. She may be late to the party, but she's made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.

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