Book Review: The Runaway Model by Parker Avrile

The Runaway Model
Book 1
by Parker Avrile
M/M Contemporary/Suspense
Release Date Feb 17
Review: 5 Stars

Kyle's music blog gets a boost from rumours about his affair with a closeted rock star, but his followers have no idea of the reality of his life on the streets of Vegas. Men? He only lets them get close enough to pick their pockets.

Until Bryce-- a wildcat who struck it rich in North Dakota. He wants one last wild weekend without the bodyguards hovering. The hustler with the sexy English accent seems perfect for no-strings sex. But now Bryce can't get Kyle out of his head. Especially since that tempting smile is suddenly on every other magazine cover...

Kyle can steal a heart as easily as a precious sapphire. But can he keep the heart he stole once the truth is out about his past?

If you like contemporary gay romance with real characters in a setting that's a little glitzy and a little gritty, you'll love The Runaway Model. This full-length 75,000 novel is a complete in one volume, and it's absolutely cliffhanger free.

Review 5 Stars:

Kyle Marchane is being stalked by a teacher at his school. Everywhere Kyle goes, the man is there too and he can't seem to avoid him. The teacher, Roman Nigel, hasn't actually done anything incriminating quite yet, almost as if he knows what he can get away with, as if he's done this before. He stands too close, invades Kyle's space and Kyle's instincts are clearly telling him something is not quite right and he should get as far away from the man as possible,

So Kyle starts skipping school, turns to petty thievery, even taking things he doesn't like or will never use. His one light in the darkness of being stalked is his music blogs and the fandom of Stoney Rockland, his idol. When Stoney himself reblogs some of Kyle's posts, rumours abound on the internet that Kyle and Stoney might be an item. If only it was true, it would be Kyle's dream come true.

But the shadow of Roman Nigel hangs over everything and then he starts dating his mother. Kyle thinks it's a ploy in order to get to him and he runs away from home and to Las Vegas. But even in the USA he isn't safe.

Kyle survives on the streets of Las Vegas for a couple of years, not by selling his body as many do, but by stealing from those men who seem to linger on looking at him a little too long, a little too familiar. Kyle is not for sale, but he feels no qualms about stealing to survive.

Bryce has made his millions in the oil industry, very conservative most of the time and he is not exactly out. He spots Kyle in a piano bar and something about him draws him in. It's not the first time Bryce has picked someone up in a bar for a bit of fun, it's almost expected in Las Vegas. What he didn't expect was how strong his feelings were Kyle were. Even running to his rescue when Roman Nigel turns up again.

He knows he shouldn't get involved, but he can't turn his back on Kyle, no matter what. Not even if it seems like Kyle is in a relationship with a rock-star. How can Bryce compare with that?

This was an amazing story. There was angst, drama, true love, the stalker from hell and one heck of an adventure with Kyle and Bryce.

Kyle was such a lonely soul it shone through from the page, but he wasn't one to sit around moping feeling sorry for himself. He was a fighter and he clawed his way up from the streets of Vegas to be a New York cover model and someone in his own right.

At its heart, I think this is a coming of age tale, both of Kyle and Bryce. Bryce comes to terms with his feelings for Kyle and his own orientation. The two of them were so good together, you just knew this was going to be more than a one night stand.

Even though they spent a lot of the book apart, this is a love story. It's not a romance and chocolates love story, it's more deeper, more emotional than that. Both are damaged characters and help each other heal.

This is not a fluffy read, but it is a compelling one and I was captivated from the first page.


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