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The Mystery of the Black Widow
by Lady T.L. Jennings
M/M Historical/Mystery/Parnormal

Do you believe in ghosts?

Cedric Davidson, a young solicitor from London, does not believe in neither ghosts nor ghouls and goblins. However, both his strong conviction and moral principles are to be severely tested when he is sent to Lydford Hall to sort out the legal documents after the owner’s sudden mysterious death.

Lydford Hall is an estate located in the middle of the most desolate part of Dartmoor and it is said to be haunted by the Black Widow. There he meets Christopher Morgan, the gamekeeper, whom he is instantly and dangerously attracted to.

And suddenly nothing is what it seems to be…


Blood Lilies
(Blood Wars Book 1)
by T.A. Miles
M/M Fantasy

For Korsten Brierly, life already seemed complicated enough. Disinherited from a young age, helping to govern a town of strategic significance to warring countries, keeping his affair with the local governor's son a secret....

When a demon hunting mage arrives at his doorstep at the same time gruesome murders begin, Korsten finds himself quickly swept away by a tide of events and discoveries beyond his darkest dreams. Caught up in a war much deeper and far more dangerous than he ever would have believed it to be, Korsten is forced to abandon the life he knew and everyone in it. Summoned to a duty that terrifies him, by powers he can't ignore, he begins a journey into understanding his own soul and how to protect the souls of others from demons bent on possessing, poisoning, and devouring them through methods that are gradually decaying the world they live in. Struggling to stay afloat in a maelstrom of ancient forces, his own emotions, and dangerous political games, Korsten commits himself to the task, for the sake of his soul and his sanity, and for the sake of the lover he was not supposed to have...a man possessed by ambition and by a demon with goals of its own.


The Chosen
by Annette Gisby
M/M Fantasy

The neighbouring kingdoms of Oscia and Arcathia have been at a tentative peace for three years after centuries of warfare. Prince Severin of Arcathia has been brought up to put duty before all else and as the only son of the King and Queen, it is his duty to marry and produce an heir. His parents want him to marry an Oscian princess to cement that tentative peace. Unfortunately Severin isn't interested in princesses. Now, if he had his pick of princes that would be another matter.

Havyn has been a slave all his life. When his aptitude for wizardry is discovered, he finds himself purchased and freed by Prince Severin and apprenticed to the royal wizard, Ildar. His duty is to stay chaste to keep his powers strong, but his feelings for Severin sorely test his resolve.

With kingdoms at war, the throne hanging in the balance, magic in the air, and outside forces trying to keep them apart, can the two men find happiness together, or is duty more important than love?


Claiming His Mate (A Rogue Alpha Story)
by Lissa Ford
M/M Paranormal/Shifters

Hunted for a crime he didn’t commit, alpha shifter Logan Dix tries to keep loneliness at bay until he can prove his innocence. His retreat high in the Rocky Mountains has left him utterly alone, and for too long. When fate intervenes by sending a shifter after him, Dix’s hunger to bond to a mate drives him to do something stupid.

Kristof Two-Feather should have known better than to volunteer to bring home a killer. But the Pack needs justice, and he needs to avenge his friend’s murder. Logan Dix is a dangerous Rogue Alpha and an accused murderer. Despite his training in black ops, Kristof hopes he can keep from becoming the hunted.

But the mountain is unforgiving, as is a rogue shifter rumored to be a former Delta Force soldier. It will take all of Kristof’s cunning to survive the ordeal he’s found himself in…and to keep his body and soul from becoming bonded to a fugitive from justice.


Hard Wood
Tool Shed Book 1
by A.R. Steel
M/M Contemporary

Ace Hartley lives for the thrills. This bad boy loves 'em and leaves 'em, and he likes it that way. His family's wealth means he doesn't have to work for a living, so his employment as an exotic dancer is nothing more than a sexy diversion. In fact, he's just about ready to move on to the next adventure.

Gabriel Mueller despises his menial job. When he's presented with the opportunity to audition as a stripper, he leaps without looking - and lands in deep water. Before he even realizes he's in over his head, he's fallen under the spell of one devilishly handsome coworker.

Will the pleasure-seeking playboy take Gabriel into his bed for one night? Or could the good-looking geek give Ace a reason to stay at the Tool Shed?


For Love of a Steampunk Heart
Firebend Chronicles Book 1
by Leah Ross
M/M Fantasy/Steampunk

Sixty-four years ago, the Blast changed everything. The modern, interconnected world died and two disparate societies took its place. The pioneers founded their own world in the frontier of the Fringe. The rest crowded themselves into dome cities and cut themselves off from the world. Fringer or Domer. One or the other. Never both. Until now.

Nick Massey is an inventor and mechanic, a Domer struggling to break out of his poverty-stricken existence and escape his tragic past. He’s brilliant. He’s talented. He just lost his job. With nothing keeping him in the city, he leaves his meager life behind and strikes out for the wild unknowns of the Fringe. He’s hoping to find happiness and purpose. Instead, he finds Zander.

Zander Pennington is a Fringer, born and bred, a lifelong resident of the town of Firebend. He’s tough and resourceful and absolutely intolerant of unknowns. As a partner in the region’s most lucrative mineral mining operation, he doesn’t have time to deal with anything but business. Business is what he knows. Business is his comfort zone. Nick is not business.

Despite their inherent differences, Nick and Zander must learn to trust each other and work as a team to thwart the danger that threatens them and all of Firebend. It’s the danger they can’t fight, though, that could break both of their hearts and destroy their lives.


The Pull of Yesterday
by Gabriella West
M/M Contemporary

Dave Madden starts off the new year of 2011 with a haunting dream, which doesn't bode well for his and Aaron's relationship. While Dave clings stubbornly to the emotional stability he has found with Aaron, thoughts of his old flame Matt Cohen obsess him. A sudden trip back to Boston for a family emergency adds to Dave's angst and shakes his sense of identity further. He has to ask himself the unthinkable: what if Matt is the man he was meant to be with all along?

As Dave pulls away from him, Aaron must find the strength to survive, and look inward for answers.

In this powerful sequel to Elsie Street, set in contemporary San Francisco, all bets are off.


Buried Desire
by A.E. Wasp
Soulbonded Book 1
M/M Paranormal/Ghosts

The vengeful ghost of a murdered girl stalks the innocent. A forbidden passion ignites in the dark. Secrets of the past that doom the present rise with the dead at Eden Lake.

For Nikolai and Alexei, their jobs at Camp Nevele were supposed to be a break from real life, a last deep breath of freedom before returning to their family and the traditional marriages arranged for them. But the peace of the summer is shattered when the ghost of a brutally murdered girl begins to kill.

Even within his Romany family, Alexei has always been different. Gifted with the sight, he's lived his life knowing something dark hunts them. A being from the otherworld unwilling to stop until it gets what it wants...and what it wants is Nikolai.

As the boys struggle to put the spirit to rest before it kills again, they find it harder and harder to deny the passion burning between them.

Despite the deep taboos of their upbringing, desire ignites between the young men and they are left with a devastating choice between holding on to each other and losing everything they've ever known. But the very love that binds them together may separate them forever and the choice may not be theirs to make.

Fans of the supernatural and passionate stories of first love will fall in love with the fantasy romance of Nikolai and Alexei and their desperate struggle to stay together.


Territory of Angels
AR: Heaven Book 1
by Tricia Owens
M/M Paranormal/Angels/Demons

Can Angels fall in love with a former shoe salesman?

Ryan thought becoming an Angel would be easy. Well, besides the whole dying part. But earning his wings is difficult when he lusts after the most glorious Angel in existence: Anifiel, the Commander of Heaven's Army. Everything that Ryan does is wrong in the great Angel's eyes. It doesn't help that every time Anifiel draws near, Ryan is overcome with a lust too powerful to resist, a lust that Anifiel resents.

When Anifiel's lover goes missing from Heaven, Anifiel holds Ryan responsible and demands that he make amends. But how do you earn forgiveness from others when you haven't yet forgiven yourself?


Playing Charlie Cool
by Laruie Boris
M/M Contemporary

Charlie Trager knows he’s lucky to have a successful career as a television producer, supportive friends and family, and Joshua — the man he loves. But Joshua is struggling with an election and a spiteful ex-wife threatening custody of his children. Can Charlie’s plan save their relationship?


Life in a Nowhere Town
by Hanna Dare
M/M Contemporary/New Adult

First kiss, first heartbreak, first love, first time… but not necessarily in that order.

The hit reality show, Singing Sensation, promises to make its winners big stars - but all Conor Gillis wants is to get out of his small town. It's not the sort of place where a quiet, eighteen-year-old who loves the Beatles and playing guitar can expect to fit in.

Conor's also pretty sure he's the only gay person in town.

Well, except for one other person...

Derek Folsom is the kind of bad influence parents warn you about. He's tough, rough, and always looking for a fight. He's the last person anyone would suspect of being gay, in fact he's likely to punch anyone who does suspect it. So why is he suddenly so interested in Conor?

Conor's pinning all his hopes on auditioning for a TV show. It's his only chance to realize his dreams, and escape all of these confusing feelings. But will he be able to find his voice... and his true self?


My Partner The Wolf
by Hollis Shiloh
M/M Paranormal/Shifters/Detectives

Chemistry off the charts—but is that enough?

Tom Langley and Sean Goods work together in a human-and-wolf shifter partnership, assisting the police, rushing in to solve crimes wherever their bosses send them. They're a great team, and they have fun together, too: joking and enjoying each other's company in a way that doesn't happen every day.

Tom is also a married man. And his husband hates the wolf shifter with a passion. Tom tries to balance the sides of his life—one minute on a high-pressure chase with Sean, the next placating his husband Lowell.

Then the unthinkable happens: his marriage ends. Heartbroken, he's not expecting to ever get over Lowell's betrayal or to be able to love again.

Sean offers a solution: sex as friends. They have chemistry, and they trust each other.

But can they change their partnership that much? And is Sean secretly harboring feelings for him—expecting more than just sex?

Sean is a loveable, funny, strong, and protective. He's the best buddy a guy could have. But Tom might not be able to keep from breaking his heart—if Sean is in love with him, and Tom can't love him back.


Haunt of the Wilds
by Emmi Lawrence
M/M Paranormal/Shifters

The wild will reign.

When Houndmaster De'vii and his pack take on a seemingly innocuous escort job, things quickly spiral out of control. Creatures straight from a death plane hide within the unfamiliar country and the people he's supposed to rely on to help have their own darker motivations.

And then there's De'vii's alluring charge.

Caliebb Renaveri is harmless and quiet, yet also manages to stir the wild in every dog in De'vii's pack. He can't afford to allow the wildness to take over, nor can he abandon the job. But Caliebb is more than he appears and stronger than he seems and by the time De'vii realizes just how dangerous Caliebb truly is he stands to lose everything he holds dear: his mind, his life and his pack.

The exciting beginning to The Wilds Duology.



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