Book Review: Nate's Last Tango by Kevin Klehr

Nate's Last Tango
by Kevin Klehr
M/M Contemporary
Ninestar press
Length: Novella
4 Stars


Nate’s life couldn’t be better. He’s living with his rich boyfriend, Cameron, in New York while being wined and dined all over the city.

But when Nate decides to visit his friends back in Sydney, Cameron suggests they break it off for a while. Cam’s cross-dressing butler is not impressed, and with the help of his lesbian aunt, they drag Cameron down-under to sort out his relationship and take in the sights of Mardi Gras!

With Nate at a loss to what went wrong, he faces the dim reality that love may have run its course.

Review 4 Stars

I hadn't realised this book was part of a series before I offered to review it, but luckily enough you don't need to have read the first one to enjoy this tale.

Australian native Nate has been living with his boyfriend in New York for a few months now and then comes the day he's dreading - meeting the parents. He and Cameron have started a business designing and selling t-shirts together with artwork by local artists, but it hasn't been doing very well. At least not yet.

After a disastrous meeting with Cameron's parents, Nate flies back to Australia to see about setting up a store there and to see his friends. He isn't prepared for a video call from Cameron who wants them to have some time apart, that he needs to sort out things in his head.

Nate is shocked, he had no idea Cameron felt like this and he worries that they are over. Can he get their relationship back on track?

This was a fun light-hearted read with some wry humour and witty one-liners. Nate and Cam are both very likable and relatable characters, but sometimes I felt like locking the two of them in a room and not let them out again until they sorted things out properly.

It's a short book, but a complete story with a well-rounded secondary cast. Nate and Cam are both unsure - Nate worries that Cam is supporting him because he has rich parents and Cam wonders if he will ever measure up to Nate's lost love who died. They have quirks and flaws, just like real people.

My two niggles and they are niggles because it took away some of the enjoyment for me, was that there were very few dialogue tags. That's fine if there are only two people talking, you can easily realise who is speaking. But with four or more people in a scene, it got a bit confusing. There's nothing wrong with the occasional, 'he said', 'she said'. The other one was an over use of epithets, 'my boyfriend', 'my friend' etc. What was wrong with using their names?

Anyway, despite my own personal niggles, it was a fun, relaxing read without too much angst and leaves you with a smile.


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