Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Blood and Choice by Clare Solomon

Title: Blood and Choice: Book 2 of the Human Hybrids Series
Author: Clare Solomon
Genre: gay paranormal trilogy
Date of publication: 19 September 2016 (but currently available for 
pre-order at half-price)
Book length: 176 pages

This is the second novel in the exciting gay paranormal trilogy.

Scientists have genetically engineered five human hybrid races known as werewolves, vampires, dragons, sensers and wendigoes.  The first four races coexist with humans in relative peace.  The fifth one wants to slaughter the others.

Years ago Liam faced the destruction of his village in Ireland by wendigoes who murdered nearly everyone in his life.  Now, working in Invercade HyCO and still tormented by the past, the only person he has left is his best friend, Tig.  The two of them kill a wendigo who has been living and working in the city for years and begin to unravel a plot by the creatures that could be more dangerous than anything they have experienced so far.

When Tig starts dating someone else Liam realises he is in love with him and his jealousy causes their friendship to start falling apart.  Liam thinks his life can't get much worse but wendigoes always find a way to prove him wrong and before long both their lives are in mortal danger.


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