Book Spotlight: Losing it in Africa by Viv Phoenix

Losing it in Africa
by Viv Phoenix
MMF Bisexual Romance/Suspense/BDSM
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When curvy Ivy interviews for her first job, she takes a huge risk to tempt Weston Drake to take her to Africa. With thousands of lives at risk, Ivy will have to prove her value to West and his bodyguard partner to earn her place on the team. But if she makes a mistake, the smugglers will kill the three of them and delivery deadly counterfeit medicine.

Getting my billionaire boss to take me to Africa seemed like a dream. But I hadn’t counted on sharing West’s secrets and the danger he faced. His closeness to his hunky Black bodyguard intrigued me. How could I deal with wanting them both?

Heat level: High. This novel is rated Mature 18+ for language, strong sexual content including bisexual interracial MMF menage, BDSM, mature themes and brief violence. Contents may be triggering for some readers.


West thrashed, and I held the ice in place.

“He’s not a good patient.” Kane whispered. Their intimacy stretched around us like a web that extended for miles and years. I imagined them like the soldier lovers of ancient Greece.

What was I doing here? But I was here, so I held the pack steady, sad for his injuries and pain, and determined to help no matter what faces he made at me.

“He’s a terrible patient,” Kane amended as West glared at us.

“You might be angry, but you’re alive,” I whispered and kissed the one unbruised place I could find on his face.

He gave me a crooked smile.

“I’m not going to regret bringing you to Africa, am I?”

I looked right into his eyes. “No, you’re not.”



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