Book Spotlight: The Runaway Father by Parker Avrile

The Runaway Father (The Runaway Model #3)
Author: Parker Avrile
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Length: Novel, 271 pages (76,000 words)
Publication Date: October 11, 2016
Heat Level: Three flames (some adult situations & language)
Author Website:
Sales Links:  Amazon US | UK | Kobo | ARe
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf

A rock star's darkest secret-- his teenage son.

Out of the closet, free to be himself for the first time in his life, rock star Stoney has fallen hard for a younger musician.

Carlin wants no part of the spotlight. He's an artist. Being with a famous man like Stoney is a  challenge, especially for a guy with anxiety. But there's a sweet side to Stoney that not everybody gets to see. Carlin can't stay away.

Together, Carlin and Stoney can overcome any obstacle. The gutter press is a nuisance, but they won't let trashy gossip pull them apart.

And then they face the toughest challenge yet, when Stoney learns he's the father to the son he never knew he had.

The Runaway Father is a full-length 270 page male/male contemporary rock star romance novel complete with no cliffhangers, a ton of angst about missing fathers and how boys sometimes have to become men on their own, absolutely no cheating, and a guaranteed Happy Ever After.

While this novel is designed to be read as a standalone, it does include a subplot spoiler for The Runaway Millions.  There are also a few brief references to events in The Runaway Model and The Runaway Millions from Stoney's point of view, the irony of which will escape you if you haven't read those books. If you plan to read the whole series, we recommend going in this order:

*The Runaway Model -- Kyle and Bryce's story begins (complete with Happy For Now ending)

*The Runaway Millions -- Kyle and Bryce's story reaches its Happy Ever After.

*"Blackmail Boy" (a perma-free short story about how Carlin and Stoney first met)

*The Runaway Father -- Carlin and Stoney find their Happy Ever After.

Read them all, or jump in anywhere. Each book is intended to be self-contained.



The next evening, Carlin worked in Stoney's studio. Carlin's studio really. He was the only one who'd been writing music lately. The only one practicing. He was using an oversized agate pick to pluck tentatively at the strings, a black and white banded agate from India that was supposed to create a unique sound. Carlin was trying to decide if it was noisy enough for him.

Stoney stood in the open door, looking down at where Carlin sat, his blond hair fallen forward to expose the nape of his neck. There was an animal instinct to bite, lick, and kiss any exposed nape. He wondered why more people, not just the French with their scarves, didn't cover their necks in public. Sometimes he'd see a bare neck and feel a hot flame of sexual need.

And yet it was more than lust with Carlin. It was a sense of... tenderness? Sweetness? Vulnerability? Stoney didn't know what this feeling was called or if anyone else had ever felt it. He loved Carlin beyond anything he'd ever thought possible.

Carlin felt his eyes on the back of his neck and looked up, a slight smile playing on his lips. "Feeling better?"

"I wish I did. Love, dollface... you should go." It twisted his heart to say it, but how could he drag this beautiful boy into his personal mess? "There'll be scandal. A tabloid frenzy."

"Don't be ridiculous." Carlin put down the instrument and stood up. "I'm not going anywhere."

"You're a sensitive artist. All that push and scrum, it bothers you."

Carlin took another step, closing the gap between the two of them. "A lot of things bother me, Stoney. If I let it get to me, I'd never leave the house."

Like his mother never left the house. Stoney knew by now that she'd had a medication-resistant agoraphobia. "We should get away. I'm thinking about Los Angeles." He pushed the neck of Carlin's oversized T-shirt down further to expose his collarbone. Another point of vulnerability. Stoney licked the little hollow. They needed a safe place, a hidden place for just the two of them...



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