Free M/M Book: Second Chances by Aarianna Paige

Second Chances
by Arianna Paige
M/M Contemporary Romance


Richard Forrest is your average working stiff just going through the motions. Childhood baggage keeps him "in line" but away from some of the things he truly wants. Adrian, or Rain as Richard calls him, was one of those things. After nearly two years of separation, Richard bumps into Rain and their incidental meeting results in old emotions flaring to life for both of them despite everything in the way.

Rain’s free-spirited nature led him down a road of bad decisions that included drug use. This was ultimately the thing that separated the two of them in the past. Now a recovering addict Rain is trying his best to put his life back together. When Richard finds out that Rain is drug free he welcomes him back into his life and embraces who he truly is in the process. Everything moves forward in a fairy-tale manner until all too familiar behaviors start to resurface.

Can Richard and Rain work their way through this latest set of trials and tribulations? Will suspicion and fear tear apart what their love has finally stitched together?

The book is free at Smaswords until 30 April 2013. Use copupon code PA74J to download your free copy :)

 Second Chances at Smashwords


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