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Title: Murder Book
Boystown Series
Author: Marshall Thornton
ISBN#: MLR-1-02013-0058 (ebook) $5.99
Release Date: April 2013
Cover Artist: Deana C. Jamroz
Length: 56,000 words
Heat Rating: Graphic
Categories: Mystery, Historical
Available At: MlrBooks (ebook) 

With the Chicago Police stretched to their limit by the Tylenol murders, private investigator Nick Nowak is spurred to action when the Bughouse Slasher strikes again.

In the fifth book of the award-winning Boystown mystery series, it's fall 1982 and Chicago is gripped by panic after five people die from poisoned Tylenol capsules. Amid the chaos, the Bughouse Slasher takes his eighth victim, this time striking close to private investigator Nick Nowak. With the Chicago Police Department stretched to its limit, Nick takes matters into his own hands. But what will he do with the Bughouse Slasher once he finds him?

"Thornton's crisp, terse style and smart, cynical observations make for a refreshing change in the current crop of tough guys and private eyes." -- Josh Lanyon

Title: Faelon
The Forgotten Touch Series
Author: A.J. Kelton
ISBN#: MLR-1-02013-0057 (ebook) $6.99
Release Date: April 2013
Cover Artist: Deana C. Jamroz
Length: 70,000 words
Heat Rating: Graphic
Categories: Paranormal, S&M
Available At: MlrBooks (ebook)

Who knew that loving a Nephilim could be so dangerous.

Faelon, a 3000-year-old nephilim, fleeing a demonic master, found safety with the church. He has repaid their kindness by translating various artifacts. Father Donovan has watched as Faelon became a recluse, fearing those who would harm him.

Jax, wanting a change, moves to Salem, MA where he finds work as a churches security guard. Not believing that Faelon is a nephilim, he is forced to confront his own beliefs in the supernatural.

Can he learn to accept Faelon, and be the master he requires? Or lose the man he loves to the demons who would harm him.


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